CSR Sep 2018

Crypto Security Report, September 2018

The September edition of the Crypto Security Report is available for download (click image below). Stay informed about the latest security threats, government measures, and best practices to understand developments in the cryptocurrency space (and how to protect your own digital assets). This report is free and available for download below:

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Is Bitcoin a Currency, Security, Property, Commodity, or “Mirage”?

With its lack of physical presence, dramatic price swings, and equally-vociferous groups of supporters and detractors, it’s no easy task to define Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As government entities move toward instilling regulations, the muddy waters surrounding crypto must be made transparent if this digital revolution is to continue to gain traction and acceptance across…

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Cryptocurrency Regulators and Regulations

Independent Federal Agencies Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Federal Executive Departments U.S. Department of the Treasury (USDT) U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Legislatures and Courts U.S. Congress Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) States International Organizations Group of Twenty (G20) International Monetary Fund (IMF) Bank…

Crypto Security Report, July 2018

Crypto Security Report, July 2018

The July 2018 edition of the Crypto Security Report is available for download. This is the inaugural report in a series that succinctly summarizes the latest news in the blockchain industry related to cryptocurrency security that investors need to know. Get informed about the most up to date developments in crypto security to equip yourself…

SEP IRA and Bitcoin – How to Leverage Cryptocurrency in Your Retirement Portfolio

Cryptocurrency Investment for Retirement As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies move toward mass adoption, many people have started diversifying one retirement account or more with digital currency holdings. One option is to create a Digital IRA (also known as a Cryptocurrency IRA), which is a self-directed IRA holding cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You’ll need to open a…