Senator Elizabeth Warren

Far-Left Senator Desperately Attacks Crypto, and Here’s Why She Will Fail

Unpacking Elizabeth Warren’s latest jab towards crypto regulation is… well, as messy as unpacking any of Elizabeth Warren’s jabs. For starters, let us refer to this Guardian piece which tells us Warren is an expert on “consumer protection and economic inequality”. So far so good. Cryptocurrencies, after all, exist to provide financial protection and equality. The bill…

BitIRA at West Point US Military Academy

2020: BitIRA U, Guest Lectures, Collaborations, and Community

We’re starting off 2020 stronger than ever, with new initiatives to help make subjects ranging from cryptocurrency through financial literacy accessible to everyone. These efforts are part of BitIRA’s dedication to empowerment through knowledge.   BitIRA U connects individuals with financial and crypto literacy resources Through BitIRA U, we’ve been collaborating with educators and experts…

US House Urges Regulators to Use Blockchain Tech

Ever since cryptocurrency hit the mainstream, many have believed the space was only used by criminals. In order to combat such a perception, a recent bill from Congress is urging the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to adopt the very technology these criminals are using to fully understand how to defend these threats. Read on to find out why adopting this technology will be beneficial to government entities.

Justbookitnow Blocks Fraud with Blockchain

Justbookitnow Brings Blockchain To The Consumer and Venue | Innovators in Crypto

Although it retains its cutting-edge status, and it’s rapidly evolving in its use to solve lingering problems of accountability across all industries, blockchain’s behind-the-scenes implementation continues to grow beyond the visible scope of most consumers. The public may not realize just how rapidly its implementation is growing, and how widely it’s being adopted. We sat…