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Cryptocurrency Tax Guide

In the first five years of Bitcoin’s existence, the IRS did not offer any guidance about how cryptocurrency would be taxed. In 2014, though, the bureau finally started to weigh in on the subject, starting with their declaration that cryptocurrency would be classified as a property for tax purposes, not as a currency.  There are…

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Optimism About Crypto Grows Even As Prices Fluctuate [Surveys]

A recent survey by investment firm SharesPost showed that, despite a string of negative crypto-related news items, investors and consumers remain optimistic on the market’s prospects, reports Bitcoinist. The September 5 survey, titled Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Survey: Consumers Bullish, Investors Cautiously Optimistic, spoke to 2,490 consumers and 528 institutional investors about their views on where…

CSR Sep 2018

Crypto Security Report, September 2018

The September edition of the Crypto Security Report is available for download (click image below). Stay informed about the latest security threats, government measures, and best practices to understand developments in the cryptocurrency space (and how to protect your own digital assets). This report is free and available for download below: