CSR, May 2019

Crypto Security Report, May 2019

The May edition of the Crypto Security Report is available for download (click image below). Stay informed about the latest security threats, government measures, and best practices to understand developments in the cryptocurrency space (and how to protect your own digital assets). This report is free and available for download below:

Bear market

April 2019 in Crypto | Monthly News Roundup

A news digest of what happened in the crypto world in the past month, April 2019:   Crypto Bear Market Finally Over? The cryptocurrency market may have rebounded, based on several indicators in April. As the price of Bitcoin rose, The Mayer Multiple (MM) indicator, which correctly predicted the 2015 bottom, showed a price bottom…

Bitcoin, Amazon, and Yelp

Shopping on Amazon with Cryptocurrency

Although it has since grown into its own asset class, Bitcoin was initially conceived as an alternate currency to fiat. Merchant adoption and ease of access are generally seen as the two biggest hurdles on the path to true mainstream acceptance. Yet several recent announcements suggest that these obstacles could soon be surmounted, allowing Bitcoin…

Public and private blockchains

Can Private Blockchains Coexist with Bitcoin?

Ever since their inception, cryptocurrencies and blockchain ledgers have been associated with decentralization. This feature remains one of the fundamental pillars of nearly every token, true to the original intent of Bitcoin’s creator. And while banks and other large enterprises have been relatively lukewarm towards the idea of integrating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as part…