BitIRA Expert Q&A: Taxes with TaxBit

Crypto Tax Insights from Co-Founder Justin Woodward TaxBit helps you automatically sync crypto transactions from exchanges so that you can file your taxes accurately, even as regulations evolve to reflect an increasingly sophisticated cryptocurrency landscape. TaxBit has also been working hard to clarify the precise forms and documentation taxpayers are required to submit in order…


A New Bitcoin Index Fund from Fidelity

As the crypto market continues to evolve, this week brought a new, big move from Fidelity that holds promise for even greater growth. Put that into the context of the larger, ongoing narrative of Wall Street moving into crypto at greater volumes than ever before, and it’s clear that much of this story of growth has yet to be told.

global crypto adoption

Crypto’s Role in “The Great Reset”

The struggling global economy, floundering due to the COVID-19 pandemic and The Great Lockdown, has inspired a new discussion regarding the integration of digital currencies. But as the World Economic Forum calls for tight controls in this “Great Reset”, we wonder which approach will emerge victorious – centralization or decentralization?

btc $11,000 Rally

Why Bitcoin Has Rallied to $11,000

After months of stagnating within the $9,000 range, this week saw enormous price action from Bitcoin, as it hurdled the $10,000 mark on its way to $11,000. What economic and geopolitical factors triggered such a leap, and what does the near future hold for the crypto market? Here’s how one analyst breaks it down.