In order to purchase Digital Currency from BitIRA, all Customers must have (or create) a self-directed individual retirement account with available purchase funds and the custodian of your individual retirement account (the “Custodian”) must be able and willing to hold Digital Currencies.

BitIRA will transmit a written invoice to Customer with all of the transaction details for Your records once the transaction is confirmed.

Payment is due immediately upon confirmation of the purchase. Invoices totaling Your purchase price will be issued to the Custodian for payment of the purchase funds.

Your Public and Private Keys will be delivered to the Custodian, and an additional backup copy of the Private Key will be delivered to a provider of Digital Currency Key backup services, such as (a service of Tangent 2000 Inc.), within a commercially reasonable time of the execution and confirmation of Your transaction. (BitIRA reserves the right to designate and use a different backup provider at any time.)

If the Private Key is permanently lost, the corresponding Digital Currency is unusable. While it still exists on the Digital Currency blockchain ledger, it would not be accessible or recoverable by You and would become worthless. The Digital Currency platforms, to date, to our knowledge, have no mechanism for issuing replacement Private Keys. BitIRA’s Digital Currency supplier provides the second copy of the Private Key to the backup provider to ensure that a duplicate exists in the unlikely event the Custodian were to experience a technical or other problem that results in the loss of the Private Key.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. (Digital Currency cannot be exchanged for a different Digital Currency or returned for a refund under any circumstances.)