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BitIRA leads the industry in helping customers diversify their retirement accounts with cryptocurrency investments. Our affiliates partner with BitIRA because we are among the most secure and compliant Digital IRA solutions providers on the market. Our uncompromising commitment to security includes:

  • Storing customers’ cryptocurrency in cold storage within Grade V nuclear bunkers
  • Protecting customers’ stored cryptocurrencies with end-to-end insurance
  • Complying proactively with regulations by using regulated exchanges and registering with the U.S. government

To find out more about us, visit the BitIRA FAQ page. If you are ready to become an affiliate, submit your BitIRA Affiliate Program application today!

Focus on Qualified Leads

You help us get the word out about BitIRA’s Digital IRA services to your audience, and we’ll compensate you in return. The BitIRA Affiliate Program pays our affiliates both a flat fee for every Qualified Lead referred to us and a percentage share of every purchase made by that person if they become a Customer.

A Qualified Lead means that the person referred to us:

  • Lives in the U.S.,
  • Has been contacted by a BitIRA representative and has confirmed their interest in our services,

A BitIRA Customer is a Qualified Lead who has:

  • Transferred their retirement funds to BitIRA’s trusted custodian,
  • Has purchased digital currency for use in their IRA.

Take advantage of these great incentives and sign up for the BitIRA Affiliate Program now!

No-Limit Earnings

BitIRA affiliates continue to earn money indefinitely with every Customer that they have referred to us any time that person makes a purchase. So there is no limit or cap to the earning potential of a BitIRA affiliate! Here’s how the process works to become a BitIRA affiliate:

  1. Submit your online application for the BitIRA Affiliate Program,
  2. A BitIRA Affiliate Manager will review your application to confirm eligibility,
  3. You share BitIRA’s Digital IRA services with your audience, sending Qualified Leads to a purpose-built, optimized landing page on our website with a unique link,
  4. You get paid for every Qualified Lead referred to us,
  5. If a referred Qualified Lead becomes a Customer, you get paid a percentage share of every purchase that they make.

Partner with BitIRA today by becoming a publisher for our Bitcoin IRA affiliate program and benefiting from these great incentive rewards—don’t delay, fill out an application for the BitIRA Affiliate Program today!

If you have any questions about BitIRA or the BitIRA Affiliate Program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.