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Cryptocurrency Guides

Cryptocurrency Security

Reading time: 31 minutes
Length: 6,100 words
Expert opinions: Isaiah Sarju (Revis Solutions, LLC)

This guide describes cryptocurrency security risks and ways to minimize them. Read more…

cryptocurrency on keyboardGuide to Crypto Lingo

Reading time: 15 minutes
Length: 2,500 words

This resource defines common terms related to cryptocurrencies Read more…

Cryptocurrency Regulators and Regulations

Reading time: 16 minutes
Length: 3,100 words

We’ve compiled an extensive list of some of the entities that play a role in determining blockchain’s future (including key regulations to date). Read more…

Woman in cryptocurrency industryWomen in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Reading time: 30 minutes
Length: 5,900 words

This directory contains a comprehensive set of resources for women entering the cryptocurrency industry. Read more…

Cryptocurrency logos and tax formsCryptocurrency Tax Guide

Reading time: 6 minutes
Length: 1,200 words
Expert opinions: Laura Walter, CPA (“Crypto Tax Girl”)

In 2014, the IRS stated that crypto would be classified, for taxes, as property. We discuss implications for investors. Read more…

Handshake, crypto logos, and insurance textCryptocurrency Insurance Guide

Reading time: 7 minutes
Length: 1,400 words

Insurance companies have recognized the opportunity of crypto markets, but they have faced roadblocks to entering the market. Recently, this has been changing. Read more…

Data center sphereCrypto Custody Services Guide

Reading time: 6 minutes
Length: 1,200 words

The growing crypto custody market could be the key to opening the floodgates to institutional investment in cryptocurrency. These services are relatively new but expanding rapidly. Read more…

Blockchain and the environmentBlockchain and the Environment Guide

Reading time: 15 minutes
Length: 2,900 words

The environmental impact of cryptocurrencies is a hot topic. This guide looks at ways that blockchain can support conservation efforts, optimize power usage, and encourage accountability. Read more…

Cryptocurrency Fundraising GraphicCryptocurrency Donor and Charity Fundraising Guide

Reading time: 9 minutes
Length: 1,800 words

How can Bitcoin and other digital currencies empower non-profits? This guide answers this question and more, surveying the crypto-for-charity landscape after the Pineapple Fund era. Read more…

Crypto conferenceCryptocurrency Events Around the World

Reading time: N/A
Length: N/A

See a comprehensive list of upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain events around the world. You can filter the list by date, location, topic, and more. Find a crypto event near you! Read more…

Blockchain blackboardCryptocurrency and Blockchain for Teachers

Reading time: 11 minutes
Length: 2,200 words

Bitcoin launched in 2009, but blockchain technology has been growing every year. For teachers that want to introduce students to these concepts, this guide contains a variety of resources. Read more…

Digital currency in front of USDBitcoin: Currency, Security, Property, Commodity or “Mirage”?

Reading time: 5 minutes
Length: 1,000 words

Arguments are put forth for classifying cryptocurrency as belonging to one or more of established asset types. Read more…

Bitcoin walletsHot Wallet vs. Cold Wallet for Cryptocurrency

Reading time: 8 minutes
Length: 1,500 words

What is the best way to store Bitcoin and other digital currencies? This guide summarizes storage options available today and discusses why it’s an important topic for securing your digital wealth. Read more…

Private key and public key for cryptocurrencyPrivate Key vs. Public Key for Cryptocurrency

Reading time: 5 minutes
Length: 1,000 words

Cryptocurrencies use a type of encryption that produces two “keys”, a private one and a public one. To protect you digital assets, it’s of utmost importance that you keep your private key secure. Read more…

How Digital Currency Works

Reading time: 5 minutes
Length: 1,000 words

The mechanics behind all digital currencies are essentially the same. Here’s a breakdown of how they work, plus the technology that makes them possible. Read more…

What Is Digital Currency?

Reading time: 4 minutes
Length: 800 words

What defines cryptocurrencies, how they’re made, and what makes them uniquely valuable compared to similar assets. Read more…

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